🛠️ Building with Blockchain, Idea Artifacts

June 1 - June 4

In Week 3, we are going to continue our deeper dive into the cryptoverse. With our friends at Ripple, we are going to see Matt Hamilton live-code a dapp, learn more about XRPL, and get feedback on our ideas. Ultimately, we will conclude the week with our Hot Seat finale.

🥅 Goal for Week 3: Further your knowledge of the crypto economy and refine your blockchain ideas.

NOTE this calendar is showing PACIFIC Time!


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We will use Slack to coordinate on live events and to deliver blockchain and startup "Recipes", short-form pieces of content to help you build your blockchain and innovation skills. https://dukecrypto.slack.com


<aside> 📺 Zoom Link for all live sessions: https://duke.zoom.us/j/91558697700?pwd=UVk3M0xXZVVUQ2FxaEI2RktpZVg5dz09 Recordings can be viewed below. Links are posted in the #recordings channel on Slack


Tuesday, June 1: Building an NFT app in Xumm with Matt Hamilton from Ripple

📺 On Twitch: 2 PM ET Live-Coding a Dapp with Matt Hamilton from Ripple

📺 On Zoom: (Optional) 3 PM ET brief event recap to answer any of your questions from the Twitch session

🤖 On Slack: We will release a new Recipe: "Rev Duke - Ripple Box"

Wednesday, June 2: Deep Dive into Ripple and XRPL

📺 On Zoom: Noon ET Matt Hamilton will join us for a second session where we will go deeper into XRPL and get live feedback on your ideas


🤖 On Slack: Continued access to blockchain and startup recipes